Fee Structure, Rules and Refund

1. First Instalment of the Fees is to be paid at the time of admission to the college.

2. Second Instalment of the Fees must be paid before 15th December.

3. It is mandatory to clear all dues to college before procuring the admission cards for respective university examinations.

4. Students will have to pay University Examination Fees and any additional fee charged by University from time to time.

5. In the event of cancellation of admission, No Fees will be refunded under any circumstances.

6. Caution Money and Library Deposits of every student cannot be refunded till the time he/she is on the roll of our college. For claiming the refund of caution money and library deposits, students will have to put up an application certified by their parents. Refund of Caution Money & Library Deposit will be made after deducting all the pending dues against his/her name only in the Diwali Vacation of the next academic session.

7. If any claim for refund of caution money & library deposit is not made within three years from the date of leaving the college, such unclaimed deposits will not be refunded and will be utilized for college development as per the decision of College Alumni/College Development/LMC.